Introduction: Strategic management as a discipline is about creating and sustaining a competitive position to achieve superior performance and success of business enterprises. In this course, the participants would appreciate the strategic issues facing the business enterprises. The course would help them learn various tools, models, frameworks and concepts that underpin the creation and sustenance of competitive advantage. The course would also serve as a capstone course by attempting to integrate learnings from various courses in the first year of this programme. Additionally, students would also appreciate real time strategic issues facing organizations (discussions through newspapers snippets) as well as limitations of the applicability of various frameworks, tools, concepts learnt during this course.  I’ll try to make the course as challenging, exciting, productive and enjoyable as I can. 


As part of this course, the students would cover the basics of strategic management (including external and internal environment analysis) as well as formulating and evaluating corporate level and business level strategy decisions. The course would also briefly focus on implementation issues around strategic decision making in organizations.


Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, students would be able to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the basic concepts, frameworks and techniques of strategic management.
  • Develop expertise in applying these concepts, frameworks and techniques in order to appreciate reasons for good or bad performance, generate and evaluate strategic options and recommend an appropriate strategy for the firm
  • Integrate the knowledge gained in previous and parallel courses.